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For Teachers: Inventory

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Limestone Scholar classroom visit program is temporarily suspended. We are working to adapt our educational resources and programming to an online format.

Contact us to learn more about how we are evolving to adapt to the changing education landscape.
For up-to-date information pertaining to COVID-19 in Kingston, Ontario, visit the
KFL&A Public Health website.

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1. Online Resources

To best reach students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing free downloadable educational materials, including research-related activity sheets and infographics.

We are also working to develop free online workshops and other learning opportunities to replace in-person classroom sessions and workshops. We are excited to share details about these online sessions soon - stay tuned!

In the Classroom
Children at School

2. Classroom Visits

We offer interactive research-related lessons  (approximately 1-1.5 hours each) for students in Grades 7-12. All sessions are run by graduate students and senior undergraduate students who have a passion for teaching and have demonstrated expertise in research and science communication.

Topics for classroom sessions include:

  1. Foundations of Research

  2. The Scientific Method

  3. Identifying and Extracting Information from Sources

  4. Academic Honesty and Integrity

3. Public Workshops

As an extension of our classroom visits, we offer free public workshops open to all interested students, parents, and teachers. Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours and cover research-related topics that complement our in-class sessions. All workshops are tailored to a middle school audience, but are open to students of all ages.




We teach content broadly related to conducting research in an academic setting. Each of our sessions centers on a common issue faced by students entering college or university, such as identifying appropriate sources of information, citing and referencing sources, paraphrasing, and avoiding plagiarism. 

Through partnering with a number of middle and high school educators, we have curated a collection of lessons and activities to choose from. Our content developers are ready to answer any questions that you may have about our sessions and accommodate any special requests.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Foundations of Research

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The Scientific Method

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Identifying and Extracting Information from Sources


Academic Honesty and Integrity

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